Jacob’s Creek
Two Lands

Harnessing the power of collaboration to bring together the best of both worlds.

A Californian expression
of Australian wine

It could be argued that together, Australia and the US wrote the rulebook of New World winemaking. For Two Lands we brought together two award-winning winemakers from these pioneering two winemaking countries and harnessed the power of collaboration.

As an award winning Californian winemaker, Ehren Jordan’s boutique winemaking style embraces innovative techniques including late harvesting and wild yeast fermentation, offering a complexity of flavor and silky texture. Working together with Bernard Hickin, Jacob’s Creek’s Chief Winemaker and master of Australian terroir and intense varietal flavour, they have developed a range of wines that show the hallmarks of Californian craft and the rich, ripe characters of Australian wine. Two Lands captures Californian craftsmanship and Australian character, bringing together the best of both worlds.

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